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E-poster submission

E-poster submission

The novelty of this Congress is that all posters will be presented in the form of E-posters. Touch-screens will be available for E-poster presentation, in the same way as they are presented in paper form. In this way, all posters will be available to all Congress participants during and even after the Congress, on the official Congress webpage and the mobile application that will be available for download during the Congress.

Deadline for submission of E-posters is 30th April 2018.

Instructions for preparation and submission of E-posters:

E-poster session

E-posters should be prepared in PowerPoint and saved as PNG format.

The document name of the PNG version of your e-poster should include: the number of the E-poster and the surname of the presenting author (i.e. S-1 Surname).

When preparing your e-poster please follow these guidelines:

  1. In Powerpoint in the Page setup menu set the size of your poster as following: width 68 cm, height 121 cm and choose the option One slide, as shown on the picture below:


  2. E-poster should be prepared in the same manner as the posters prepared for print.
  3. The recommended font size is:
  • Titles and subtitles 60 – 90
  • Text and Tables 30-45
  • Picture descriptions 25-30
  1. Save your E-poster choosing the Save as option and choose document type (Save as type) PNG. Please include the code of your E-poster and the surname of the presenting author in the title.

Oral poster presentations

For the oral poster presentation, presenting authors should prepare a short PowerPoint presentation in duration of 5 minutes.  

Along with the PowerPoint presentation, authors should prepare an E-poster. Authors who will have the oral presentation of their E-poster do not need to present their poster during the E-poster session. Still, their E-poster will be visible on the touch-screens with all other E-posters.

In case of any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


E-poster submissions are closed!